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The Los Pinos Winery

At Los Pinos we strive to make the best wines possible from grapes grown in our vineyards, but never do we lose sight of just having fun. It’s why Los Pinos Winery was designed to be a safe haven where thoughtful people can connect, relax, decompress, enjoy an unhurried glass of wine while listening to live jazz and feasting on Chef Enam Chowdhury’s delicious weekend specials & tapas.

Live Jazz every Friday and Saturday evening is offered, and as is the way of Texas hospitality, there’s No cover charges, and No reservation. You can always check the Events Calendar to see what special themed events, dinners, concerts or festivals we are hosting.

Barrel Room Event

The Tasting Room
A warm and inviting ambiance, just right for lingering with some wine and good conversation with friends.

The Fork N Spoon Room
Our dining room accommodates eighty wine lovers. LIVE JAZZ is featured on stage every Friday & Saturday nights starting at 7 pm!

The Outdoor Tasting Deck
Covered and with beautiful vineyard views, it’s perfect for hanging out and enjoying life. Think of it as an inexpensive trip to Tuscany. We call it Texcany!



Enjoying a wine Tasting at Los Pinos is a little different than most wineries. Because we want to focus more on the fun aspects of life, rather than trying to be wine snobs, we developed our Tasting Block Flights.

Visitors who want to taste our wines can choose either a Sweet Flight, or Dry Flight, that are served to your table in miniature carafes. You can then pour each sample into your wine glass at your own leisure, and compare notes with those of your companion’s. A fun invention, that some other wineries are beginning to copy!

Winery Tasting Block


Winery Crush and Tank RoomTours of the winery production area are offered on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm and 3pm.

Tours are $5 per person.

Please bear in mind that wine making duties will at times require the Vintner’s attention, which would then eliminate the possibilty for tours at that time.